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Private- $45/hr
Semi-Private- $25/hr
Group (3+)- $20/hr
Small Fry (6 yrs and under)- $25/ 30 min private
Private Beginner (6 yrs and older) $35/ 45 min
Trailer-ins are welcome

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Lesson Policies & Procedures:
Lessons must be paid for by cash or check at the time of the lesson, boarders may charge to their account.

All new riders are required to take private beginner lesson, instructor will determine when rider may move to group lessons.

Riders are required to show up a minimum of 15 minutes before their lesson in order to prepare themselves and their horse.

Anticipate spending at least an additional 30 minutes at the barn beyond your lesson time, all riders are responsible for caring for their horse/tack before and after every lesson. Horses must be groomed and put away. All tack must be cleaned and returned to its proper location.

We provide horse and rider equipment including proper head gear.

Riders are required to wear long pants and shoes with a slight heel.

Riders are responsible for caring for their horse before and after each lesson.

If you are unable to attend a lesson you must cancel 24 hours in advance.

Please see our forms and policies page to find our rules and regulations, a release form, as well as a new rider form to help give us a better idea of your riding level.

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